Valuation Advisory

ATruceCfO has team of top notch valuers in their respective domains imparting services both to Indian and overseas clients. We offer complete range of services covering all domains of valuation like Securities or Financial Assets and Fixed Assets. Team has solid and deep expertise across all the industry verticals. Important in valuation is to understand the clear objective of valuation , the business model and grip on the relevant laws as applicable in each specific case. Our team has in-depth knowledge and understanding of international and other local valuation standards.

Our service includes:

  • Business Valuation
  • Valuation of Intellectual Property, Brands, Intangible Assets
  • Valuation of Industrial Assets, Plant & Machinery
  • Valuation of Real Estate Assets
  • Impairment testing for Tangible & Intangible Assets
  • Valuation of ESOPs & Sweat Equity
  • Valuation for Tax & Company Law matter
  • Reinstatement Valuation for Insurance
  • Valuation of Financial Assets
  • Purchase Price Allocations

Experts have rich experience in serving clients from Paper, Infrastructure, Chemical, Power, Rice, Logistics Industry.

Valuation of Industrial Assets is a highly complex job, ATrueCfO's technical team having exposure of MNC's , PSU's and in sale / purchase of Industrial Assets has great expertise in estimating the correct residual values of the assets. Team having exposure to various industries like Infrastructure, Chemical, Paper, Oil, Power, Sugar conduct complete study of assets to provide accurate results to the client for their decision making.

Business Valuation:

We understand that valuation is not just a number exercise rather it calls for holistic understanding of the industry, business strategy, growth drivers, competitors and the future plans of the organisation. We believe numbers are outcome of the business rationale, so getting behind the numbers is fundamental.

Our team of high class valuers has solid experience and understanding of the various valuation models, application of international valuation standards and building detail Excel workings to arrive at the most realistic value in unbiased, fair and transparent manner.

Valuation of Real Estate:

Real Estate is purchased both for investment and self-use purpose, but in both the cases the purchaser measures the expected return or benefits to be received from the property against cost outlay. The Team of ATrueCfO provide real estate advisory to developers, lenders, buyers from different perspectives including advisory on future growth, viability of project and new development projects. We also carry out technical appraisal of projects & help clients in their decision making.

Impairment Testing:

The carrying amount of Capital Assets is compared with the recoverable amount; Fair Value less cost of disposal to determine whether the asset is impaired or not. Its highly technical exercise calling for deep knowledge and sharp acumen as it affects the decision making of management, auditors, investors, share holders etc..

We have the Team in place to carry this out in most appropriate manner. We provide an analysis which is completely unbiased and fair that brings clarity to the Top management for the decision making.

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