As India is becoming one of the fastest growing economies in the world, its vast market offers immense potential for investments. With government committed to reforms and bent on improving the ease of doing business, it is the opportune time to expand or set foothold in India.

Our team has wide & extensive exposure in dealing with people from diverse backgrounds internationally.

ATrueCFO is expert at handling overseas investments flowing into India and well versed with FEMA , RBI , Income Tax and other prevailing laws, to mentor and enable clients to make informed decisions on making investments in India. We have a broad understanding of the legislations enabling FDI in India, hence, in a perfect position to be the torchbearer for overseas clients to lead them to set up shop in India. Our team, at ATrueCFO, can be trusted and relied upon to deliver on the stated timelines with utmost integrity and transparency, while maintaining close connect and communication with the client.

Company Formation

  1.  Foreign Exchange Management Act
  2.  Import and Export Code
  3.  Companies Act
  4.  Income Tax Act
  5.  GST

CFO on Hire

We do complete handholding from inception till the company matures and set to stands on its own feet. While growth in revenue is vital, in age of cut throat competition, imperative for companies to have optimum utilisation of funds, optimised cost structure, adopt flexi cost structure models with capability to scale, will be one of the key to success for vibrant organisations as cash flows are not infinite. Important for organisations to have versatile, globally exposed knowledgeable and “think ahead” kind of CFO at a fee which is real value for money.

CFO who can think of business and compliances in same breath, who can engage with the client’s leadership team with self-confidence, who values ethics with sound accounting and compliance knowledge in the field of FEMA, RBI, Income Tax, GST, Companies Act and banking regulations & can enable leapfrogging the organisation ahead of the competition.

If you are looking for the above laid out attributes in your part time cum virtual CFO on , then you are at the right place and will be in safe hands.

Transactional Accounting

Company Formation

  1. Companies Act
  2. Income Tax Act
  3. GST
  4. Foreign Exchange Management Act
  5. Import and Export Code


  1.  Companies Act
  2.  GST
  3.  Income Tax
  4.  Compliance with plethora of labor laws
  5.  Foreign Exchange Management Act , RBI
  6.  Payroll related

Client can be rest assured as we extend complete services right from the inception of setting up of business in India through it’s transition to the stage of growth with transparency and integrity while setting right expectations. At ATrueCFO we don’t make compromise with the compliances.

Transactional Accounting

ATrueCFO with its team of high quality professionals can enable clients with wide array of services in accounting domain;

  1. Ensure month End / quarter end closure.
  2. Trial balance analysis.
  3. Ensuring transactions in compliance with local and international GAAP.
  4. Processing of monthly payroll and compliances.
  5. Drafting of SOP’s in compliance with ICFR and SOX.
  6. Ensure annual closure in line with specific GAAP.

ATrueCFO is the byword for quality and ethics, delivering true value for money. Important is to lay solid foundation and ensuring accurate data capturing aligning with the business model and regulatory compliances. Establishing trust of the business leaders in data quality is vital. High quality of data will lead to confident, informed and immaculate decision making by the business leadership team. Our grassroot team is well trained and brushed up in skill sets to deliver on defined SLAs.

At ATrueCFO client can have peace of mind…

Decision Support

With vast exposure both in India and international in multi-cultural environment …. ATrueCFO with its superior business analytical tools is very well positioned to enable client’s leadership team to arrive at well informed decision making. At the outset we believe in comprehending the business model of the client, structure of departments, reporting and analytic requirements of the leadership prior to pinning down the prescription. There has to be convergence of reporting needs and the dashboards / analytical tools designed by us.

Team at ATrueCFO is seasoned in designing compressed but powerful analytical templates or dashboards which at glance will zoom in on sweet spots and the pain points calling for appropriate actions.

Team at ATrueCFO enables client in developing annual operating plans , working in cohesion with cross functions, capturing their needs at granular level, aligning initiatives, talent acquisitions plans, KPI, ROI, capital investments all into one planning document. Team can help in tracking actual performance vs plan , doing variance analysis on monthly basis and if need be can provide financial insights into fixing the problem in timely manner. We also enable client in building mechanism of monthly or quarterly forecast then laying out mechanism to track the accuracy of forecasting.

Team at ATrueCFO can enable building KPI, ROI tracking, DSO, Opex measurement matrix, inventory levels tracking, cash flow monitoring tools , other working capital measurement matrix , NPV analysis, doing margin analysis both at product and project level , enable compiling price lists with direct and indirect cost analysis and host of all decision support activities which can be catalyst to growth in revenues.

At ATrueCFO consulting with unmatched in-depth understanding of various business models , we can play pivot role into catapulting our client to take the wind out of competitions sails. Knowledge and command ATrueCFO Consulting enjoys in this sphere is unmatched.


Indian / US / Japanese / IFRS

With each country and geography bound to comply with local law of the land, keeping that in mind we extend services in conversion of accounts into the country specific requirements. This will be called for by the auditors prior to signing off the financial statements.


Integral to the culture of ATrueCFO is to constantly brush up the skills of it’s client’s team members across all relevant domains. More trained and groomed the client’s team will be, better will be the quality of the output. We strongly believe in transferring the knowledge and upskill the teams to improve productivity, quality and churn them into high performing teams. Training courses are well thought off and designed to embody practical scenarios of the client. Team at ATrueCFO Consulting imparts training primarily in the following domain;

  1. Foreign Exchange Management
  2. GST
  3. Income Tax
  4. Companies Act
  5. FCPA and Anti Bribery
  6. ICFR

We have professionals from industry to impart specialised training on the specific topics. ATrueCFO is selective and conscious of quality in it’s tailor made training modules. Team here can advise on the “Go To Market” strategy on case to case basis.